Oncology - Specialty Vet Services

Nutritional Support

We can provide a full nutritional consults for your pet while fighting cancer. We have access to some of the top nutritionist in the country that will help tailor a specific nutritional plan for your pet, just ask our staff.


Chemotherapy is a common treatment used for a variety of cancers in pets. The basis of chemotherapy is to damage the malignant cells’ DNA to promote death and prevent replication of those cells. There are different chemotherapy agents, and each of them has a specific mechanism of action to target the DNA in a certain way. Some agents are administered intravenously and some are given orally. Chemotherapy side effects in animals are not the same as we are used to seeing in humans, most pets tolerate chemotherapy well and in the cases where side effects are noted, they can be managed medically. Contact us for more information on chemotherapy and how it can help your pet fight cancer.

Citokine Inhibitors

This is the latest in cancer therapy, similar to immunotherapy we use very specific cancer cells targets to alter their function and kill them. There are only a hundful of these drugs in veterinary medicine but the future looks very promising.


Electrochemotherapy is a new treatment option for local tumor control that delivers trains of electrical pulses to cancer cells to increase cell membrane permeability enabling better penetration of anti-cancer drugs. By increasing drug delivery we increase cell kill and are able to kill more tumor cells.


Immunotherapy utilizes your pet’s immune system to combat cancer cells by training their own immune system to target and kill the cancer cells. Using specific targets present only in cancer cells we can effectively damage those unwanted cells. This therapy is only limited to certain tumors and usually side efects are minimal since we try to target mainly the cancer cells.